Active Transportation has had a major effect in the development of downtown Hamilton and across the City as a whole. With new guidelines in place for Transportation Demand Management (TDM), the City of Hamilton is seeing a growth in the number of active commuters. TDM manages the demands of transportation infrastructure through the use of policies, programs, infrastructure improvements, and services to influence sustainable travel choices. An example of infrastructure improvement is the newly implemented bike share system that is both efficient and affordable for commuters. The City has invested over $1.6 million in the bike share program, which is operated by local, non-profit, SoBi Hamilton. Providing over 750 bicycles at over 100 hubs, this new addition to Hamilton’s transportation network was much needed.

The City of Hamilton issued over $1 billion dollars in building permits for the past five consecutive years. To ensure this new development is in keeping with the active transportation objectives of the City, the need to include TDM Reports in support of development applications has become a standard requirement by City staff. UrbanSolutions has prepared a number of TDM Reports that have been approved by City staff and are of the belief that TDM guidelines not only support alternative modes of transportation and more attractive streetscapes but, also promote public health and active lifestyles.