December 2023 – Phase 3 of the Roxboro Development is well underway, with the majority of the concrete foundation and underground parking levels poured. Phase 3 of the project consists of two, 12-storey multiple dwellings that will supply 352 residential units to the East Hamilton community. These residential units will be serviced by 319 parking spaces contained within two levels of underground parking as well as surface parking opportunities, accompanied by a total of 296 long-term bicycle lockers are to be provided within the underground parking levels of the multiple dwellings. Phase 3 of the development is to provide approximately 1,854 square metres of indoor and outdoor amenity area for the use of future residents.

As shown in the following footage and site photos, substantial progress has also been made on the back to back and block townhouses from Phase 2 of the overall development. The remaining unfinished townhouse blocks are at varying stages of construction but are to be completed within the following months, marking an important milestone of the overall development.