The Burlington Sustainable Development Committee’s (BSDC) mandate is to provide advice to Council and raise community awareness and understanding of sustainable development issues as they relate to the City of Burlington. The BSDC was out in full force on April 23, 2016, participating in the Burlington Green Community Clean Up. Members of BDSC, including Katie Rainho of UrbanSolutions, helped to pick up garbage in the Indian Creek in Aldershot and it was a huge success with over 20 bags of garbage and recyclables removed from the creek and surrounding valley area.

Parks and green spaces play a crucial role in the quality of life for residences in surrounding areas. They provide an area for neighbours, family and friends to gather, create attractive places to live and work, and provide important biological and ecological functions for wildlife. Green spaces also help to improve our physical and mental health and it is extremely important for communities to work together to keep them as clean and accessible as possible.

The City of Hamilton has a number of programs to promote community clean ups within city parks and trails. Team Up to Clean Up is a year-round city-wide program that will supply all materials needed for the job including gloves, recycling and garbage bags. The City of Hamilton is also currently working on making improvements to a number of local parks as well. These improvements range from tree planting, to the addition of benches and game tables, and even creating a ball hockey rink. As summer approaches, start thinking about ways you can get involved in improving green spaces in your area!