Active Transportation & TDM in Hamilton

Active Transportation has had a major effect in the development of downtown Hamilton and across the City as a whole. With new guidelines in place for Transportation Demand Management (TDM), the City of Hamilton is seeing a growth in the number of active commuters. TDM manages the demands of transportation infrastructure through the use of policies, programs, infrastructure improvements, and services to influence sustainable travel choices...

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‘Investing 101’ with HHHBA U40 Professionals

The Under 40 Young Professionals branch of the Hamilton-Halton Home Builder’s Association (HHHBA) hosted an ‘Investing 101’ professional development seminar on January 14th. Victoria Coates and Natalie Castelli of UrbanSolutions attended...

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2015 Urban Design & Architecture Awards

The purpose of the Urban Design and Architecture Awards is to recognize and celebrate the immense talent that exists in Hamilton in regards to architecture, planning, restoration and urban design. These individuals and groups are integral to our City’s future and developing a vibrant and sustainable community that we can all be proud of.

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